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Teclado PS
Para los que le deis fuerte al Photoshop, aquí teneis un teclado la mar de chulo.
Habia visto algunos similares para juegos pero nunca una especializado para una aplicación.

La compañía que lo fabrica se llama WorldTech Devices y el teclado se vende tanto para versión Windows como para versión Mac.
La lista de características que incluye es (en inglés copiado de la WEB del fabricante):

Key Features & Benefits

* Includes more than 70 clearly laser-etched Pro Tools commands icons
* Color keycaps help the user locate important Pro Tools command categories, including MIDI Control, Zoom/View, Edit Tools/Modes, Record/Playback.
* Quick reference card with descriptions of etched icons
* The keyboard functions as a standard keyboard for your other software applications
* Palm/wrist rest included
* Special Power, Sleep and Wake keys
* Twelve pre-programmed multi-media keys
* USB version includes keyboard with 6 ft. USB cable and palm rest

Wireless Version Features & Benefits

* Includes RF keyboard and 5-button optical mouse for exceptional value
* Keyboard and mouse use 256 possible radio frequency channels to reduce the chance of interference
* Mouse buttons are user-configurable for maximum control and flexibility
* Mouse uses precise optical technology that can detect motion on most common surfaces
* Receiver has recharger cradle to keep the mouse batteries fully charged when not in use
* Smart power saving management to maintain long battery life
* Alkaline batteries for the keyboard and rechargeable batteries for the mouse are included

Si alguien lo compra que nos diga como va!

NOTA: La imagen representa el teclado para Mac.