Time CatcherRealmente bonita la WEB que tienen un conjunto de fotográfos de diferentes paises cuyo objetivo, según sus propias palabras, es captar la belleza que el planeta nos ofrece.

PaTrick Di Fruscia, Adam Burton, Francis Cailles, Ian Cameron, KenneTh Kwan, Jay Patel, y Marc Adamus son los integrantes de este proyecto denominado Time Catcher. Desde mi punto de vista no sólo logran el objetivo marcado sino que lo sobrepasan con creces.

Las fotos del sitio son realmente espectaculares y de una belleza visual innegable.

Un sitio para perderse unas cuantas horas y disfrutar de un viaje por el planeta a través de la fotografía. Que lo disfruteis. Ya me contareis.

La presentación que nos hacen los autores de su WEB (en inglés)

This site is dedicated to the beauty this planet has to offer. Most of the time we are unaware of these wonderful places or just too busy to stop for a moment and appreciate what’s been given to us so preciously. Photography has the power to bring all those incredible images right into our home and has given us the drive to create this project.

What better way to experience our wonderful world than to bring together a team of passionate photographers from around the world (Patrick Di Fruscia, Adam Burton, Kenneth Kwan, Francis Cailles, Ian Cameron, Jay Patel, Marc Adamus) that day after day, constantly strive to capture that magical moment. Hopefully, this site will help you experience the true beauty that lies not only in far away places but also in your own neighbourhood. So, sit back, immerse yourself and get ready to start on this wonderful worldwide journey.

WARNING: Numerous scientific research has proven this site to be a real feast for the eyes. You may experience the will to quit your day job and travel. We cannot be held responsible for such actions. Viewer discretion is advised.

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