Luces del Norte

Luces del NorteImpresionantes y diferentes las fotos de auroras boreales de Islandia de Sigurdur H Stefnisson agrupadas bajo el concepto de luces del Norte.

Parece ser que no es fácil captar este fenómeno atmósferico de modo que el trabajo tiene doble mérito.

Copio de la WEB una introducción en inglés del trabajo de este fotografo islandés

The auroras exist in the outmost layer of the atmosphere. They are created by electrically charged particles that make the thin air shine, not unlike a fluorescent light. They can be seen in auroral belts that forms 20-25 degrees around the geomagnetic poles, both the north and the south. The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis (Southern lights or Aurora Australis in the southern hemisphere), are one of the most spectacular shows on this earth. Sometimes they cover almost all of the sky and seem to be dancing around with such grace and speed that one can only watch in awe. They are difficult to photograph but Sigurdur H Stefnisson has mastered techniques not only to capture the Northern Lights but also some interesting foregrounds in his photographs. He exposes his shots to show us a tasteful blend of the northern lights and the world around him.

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Sigurdur H Stefnisson | Luces del Nortel